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Sitting & watching

Just a short one from me this week, the rain is hammering down on the window above my head and it’s almost dark despite only being 3.20pm. Ironically yesterday when there was a lot of noise outside, I put my headphones on and played a rainy soundtrack to drown it out. No need for a white noise app today, nature is doing it all by itself. Unfortunately I’ve hurt my foot and so walks to the park are out of the question – and that’s not just an excuse to keep out of the rain. However I have been able to appreciate again, just looking out of the window at what is going on in nature. Despite our neighbour’s best efforts to tidy up the leaves, the wind is against her and the grass in our shared garden is a mosaic of yellow, orange and brown; but if you stand still long enough and look, something is moving, and not just one thing, lots of things. The blackbirds are having a feast with whatever is hiding amongst the leaves, and then once you’ve been looking a while, all you can see are the birds. Our friendly countryside ranger Mike, talks about this in our latest video about finding a sit spot. It’s particularly apt as sitting down is my favoured activity until my foot recovers.

Finally, our next Green Volunteer Network meeting is on Wednesday 4th November at 2.00pm. Do get in touch if you are a green group that would like to be involved, After that meeting we hope to be able to reveal exciting plans for our winter project, so watch this space.

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