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The Green Elf Code

We launched the Green Elf Code, for Green Health Week 2021.  It's a prompt to take notice of the nature around you, whether that is remembering to look at the colour of the sky from your window or the weed growing through the cracks in the pavement.  The Green Elf Code is something you can follow on your own, with your friends and family or perhaps a community group that you are part of.  Below you can download a sensory scavenger hunt, a leaflet about the Code and a notebook page to help you remember the 3 Good Things you find in nature every day.  There are also some posters you can use to prompt people to stop, look and listen while they are out and about.

It’s based around the 5 pathways to nature connection: contact, compassion, beauty, meaning and emotion.

Follow along on our social media  to hear about different ways that we are connecting with nature and the things that we notice during the week.  We'd love to hear from you too, so tell us about what you are noticing in nature.


Slowing down can help you notice more.


What can you see?

Remember to look up - 

and down.


Be quiet and tune into

the sounds of nature.

More ways to put the Green Elf Code into action:

A sensory scavenger hunt

Green Elf Code leaflet

Copy of Elf poster.png
Elf Code Leaflet FINAL.png
Elf Code Leaflet FINAL (1).png

3 Good Things notes page

Copy of Elf poster (2).png

Green Elf Code greenspace posters

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