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Green Health Week - a summary

And what a week it was; our best Green Health Week ever. So what did we do?

We walked and we wandered.

We sat still and we sat silently.

We looked up at the trees and marvelled at the fractals the leaves created.

We looked down at bluebells and cuckoo flower, garlic mustard and germander speedwell.

We learned their names and then forgot them.

We celebrated the flowering of the hawthorn. (And decided that we should celebrate it even more in future years.)

We smelled wild garlic and rhododendrons, mint and oregano.

We made tea outdoors.

We sipped and we savoured.

We bashed balsam to made room for other plants.

We measured a hedge.

We looked closely at what lives under and in the hedgerow.

We got stung by nettles.

We got velcroed by sticky willy.

We planted sunflowers.

We went on a sensory safari.

We looked for rainbows.

We read books about how nature can help us.

We listened to the sound of waves.

We collected stones and seeds and leaves to remind us of where we'd been.

We made art out of nature, although nature doesn't really need our help.

Amongst it all, we encouraged you to look closely, seek things out, notice the good things, improve your local place for wildlife and for humans.

Green Health Week might be over for this year, but we're still here and we'll continue to encourage you to connect to nature in whatever way suits you. If you work with people who would like to get more connected to nature then get in touch. If you think our 5 ways to wellbeing in nature leaflet might help, you can download it here.

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