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Find a Rainbow Day

This weekend includes my favourite day of the year - well, one of them anyway! A few years ago I discovered that 3rd April is Find A Rainbow Day - a day dedicated to rainbow lovers everywhere. Of course, it's not always possible to find a rainbow on that day, or indeed on any day, but I always keep an eye out just in case. In a conversation with a colleague earlier, she commented that "it has been good rainbow weather recently" which I thought was a great observation for someone who isn't a member of the official Rainbow Appreciation Society (or at least, I never approved her application). A couple of weeks ago, I saw a rainbow 3 days in a row, which made it a very good week indeed. Last week, I spent a lot of time doing what I call "the rainbow dance" which is when you can see the rain and you can see the sun, as a result you can see where the rainbow should be, but yet there is no rainbow. So, you spin round on the spot, checking that you've got all directions covered. I'm sure all of you know already, but rainbows appear in the section of the sky directly opposite the sun. I also feel that everyone should have at least one rainbow pal. That person who you can excitedly send a text to when you do spot a rainbow, or even better share a photograph with. There was an embarrassing moment a few weeks back when I sent my rainbow pal a picture of some clouds. I still maintain there had been a rainbow, if only a glimpse of one, until the moment I took the picture. I had no such doubts when I took the above photo. In fact, I made another new rainbow pal that day; it was very exciting to meet someone else in the park as enthusiastic as I was about the presence of such a fine bow. Of course, I already knew she was a rainbow enthusiast as she has a spectacular rainbow hat. (And two adorable spaniels.)

Over the last year, I have found it even easier to find rainbow pals, with the proliferation of rainbows appearing in windows. Now I must admit to being a bit of a militant rainbow fan. I do get upset when the colours are the wrong way round or if a lot of pink is used, but I have witnessed some extremely fine versions. Including one in a garden near where I live that was made out of some kind of pipes. I have no idea how they managed it, but it was so spectacular that I put a note through their door telling them how happy it made me! What made me even happier was that they then sellotaped a letter to me, written in all the colours of their rainbow to their fence for me to find!!!! Then just last week, I finally spoke to a woman who has had wonderful rainbow lights in her window since Christmas, and when I saw her she was wearing a fabulous rainbow t-shirt. She told me that my bright clothes cheer her up when she sees me walk past! Rainbows really do have the power to bring people together.

And so back to nature. Sometimes it might feel like a waste of time, or too much like hard work to get outside when it's raining. The thing is though, you never know when the sun might make a sudden appearance and you'll be blessed with a rainbow. Of course, it's not just about rainbows, there are lots and lots of colours in nature, and it's on the greyest days that the grass seems greenest. There is one particular tree I pass, whose roots are covered in (what looks like) the softest moss. On miserable days, it practically glows. Right now, the daffodils and tulips are brightest when everything else looks sombre, and the new buds bursting into leaves and the most luminous and delicate green. If you can't get outside, what can you see from your window? The chest of a robin, the head of a blue tit, the chest of a bullfinch, some of the most glorious colours I see in the trees outside my flat. Finally, there is always the sky, it never stays the same, constantly changing throughout the day and visible from practically anywhere. So that's my challenge to you this Easter weekend, how many colours can you spot in nature?

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